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The nearest possible

[CONCEPT]   Create in Paris / Make everywhere in France.


2013: creation of Cartawan to give life to a new approach to design.


Our products are produced closer and closer to you: in Paris, very close to Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, etc.


Rather than opening a single workshop, we have chosen to trust on a workshop-partners connexion to always manufacture as close to you as possible. Our will is obviously to limit transport but also and above all to support local employment, French industry. Of course, if you live in Spain, Japan, or NYC… we gonna find a factory in your country.


Our creations are not stored, but produced on demand.


[ENVIRONMENT] Recyclable ≠ sustainable?


All the materials used come from recycling (cardboard, wood, metal) and provided in France.


In case of personalization, we work with professionals certified "Imprim'vert": the label of printers who take care of the environment.

Our main resource is not a primary resource: no tree is cut.

It is our / your papers sorted and recycled daily that are used.


The cardboard is therefore 100% recycled. We chose it for its exceptional technical properties, very much superior to that of the cardboard used in our everyday packaging. It is ultra robust, very dense and allows you to invest in furniture that is both virtuous and durable. And ultimately, you will contribute to the recycling circuit, with a light mind. Paper, cardboard can be recycled seven times.


[RELATION] The advantages of the short circuit.


Proximity, direct contact, possibility of collaborating in order to create together your own form of eco-furniture, dressings in harmony with your interior decoration ... these are some of the added values ​​of Cartawan.


[QUALITY] The best of the industry and the craft.


For optimal results, all cuts are made on a digital table which provides huge precision. The cut shapes are optimized to minimize waste. The profiles are then assembled by hand.



Visits possible on request (Reportages, interviews)




Yannick, your greendesigner.



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